How Did We End Up Here?

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When I remember it hurts, but I can’t help to smile when I think about where you are now.


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ashton girls: intimidating, very alluring, some of the most beautiful girls in the history of ever, contagious smiles, lighthearted, and totally darling, very popular, everyone loves them, alcohol enthusiasts, overprotective of friends and fam n ash obvs
calum girls: cute puppies to sexual goddesses in a tick, cuddly as heck, bangin lil hotties, kinky, avid drinkers, sweet as chocolate, desperate for physical affection, minds always in the gutter, weed aficiandos, snuggle snuggle snuggle, butt touches lots of em
michael girls: half punk, half cotton candy, sarcastic assholes but completely charming, enjoy cruising in the summer, witty as heck and snarky as can be, neck kisses are a turn on, stoners most likely, thinks they're punk but are total weenies, wildly inappropriate pda
luke girls: lil cuties, the prettiest of the prettiest, v admirable, very personable and very lovable, mixtape makers, people are easily jealous of them, effortless appeal, closeted potheads, very musically inclined, likes cuddles and hand holding, mild cute pda

If 5SOS talked to a young fan about "Good Girls"

Young fan: If she wasn't reading books what was she doing in the library?
Calum: *tries to hold in laughter*
Ashton: Oh jeez.
Michael: Someone's gotta tell her
Ashton: Don't you dare
Calum: How about u do it Luke?
Luke: Liz would not approve
Michael: You're such a mommas boy
Luke: Shut up Michael
Ashton: This isn't time for Muke come on guys
Michael: Fine I'll do it
Luke: DONT
Michael: *Kneels down* Well, little girl, when two people love each other very much-
Luke: Michael PLS
Michael: Or they're both horny-
Calum: True
Michael: They put the THINGIE in the THingie and they make love
Ashton: ...
Luke: ...
Calum: haha
Michael: just make sure u use protection. And don't send nudes to people you don't know or else they might end up all over the Internet
Calum: did u just




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